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"Save the Hunter" [Mar. 11th, 2008|11:33 pm]
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A quick plug for a very nice lady (and a very good cause):

Holly Bostick, who I recently had the pleasure of meeting, is the owner of a "mom & pop" clothing/gift company called Save The Hunter, dedicated to protecting hunters' rights. She's a friendly, down-to-earth gal who donates a portion of every sale she makes to a children's charity program called Operation Orphans.

Check out her online store at http://www.savethehunter.com/ and perhaps (?) you'll find a piece of clothing or a gift to help the cause. She'll also send you a catalog (free) upon request.


P.S. I have no financial stake in the company, but did purchase some STH clothing at a recent hunting expo, and can personally vouch for the quality.

[User Picture]From: glory1940
2009-02-07 03:55 am (UTC)

To go with your Journal,

Over 12 years ago, I decided to do two things before I died... Both where connected with food, (Naturally). I spent time researching my father’s family and after my mom died, I went home to help my sister dispose of her things. I found a box with small bits of paper that held recipes and antidotes of my family dating back into the Civil War. Of course there were two kinds of recipes, the regular old everyday "that every body eats recipes" and all the wild meat recipes handed down from grandmas and friends.....
I spent the next three years separating them, I took all the “Everybody eats” and a few of the wild meat recipes and I wrote a cook book / history book of my family. It was well received and it was my first encounter with actually putting things on paper for all to see. So I was green as grass as they say, plus I used a local (We don’t save anything) printer. Yes, I burned it on a disc. The book had many old photos plus photos of my father and mother, his father and mother and on and on to 1776. In the mean while (while compiling it) I was emailing all the wild meat stuff to myself as I went. Well I still had about 1000 copies on hand as Katrina washed me away. And yes, she also got the entire collection of computer disc. (Computer too.)
I begged the copy that I had sent my oldest grand daughter, in hopes of sending it to a real printer, but when I found out how much that would cost (arm and leg) I turned my attention on the wild meat book. I wrote, called and emailed relatives for recipes and wit, they had kept over the years plus their own recipes. Then I started searching for a publisher. Well I literally stumbled over Lulu .Com. Print on demand, no out of pocket money, sounded great. Right? So I start down loading. Formatting, Proof reading, deleting, fixing, proofreading, deleing. No, I won’t bore you with how many times I did that before I was somewhere near satisfied. Not savvy in formatting, I am sure some of you will get a chuckle when you see it.
Oh, but it don’t end there, I had to design the cover. Oh My Goodness!! I did it so many times it was not funny, and what does my sweet daughter say when she sees it. “Mom it is not straight”… Oh well! So, I go back on and after many tries still can’t figure out how to fix it, I decided... Not being perfect gives it class. So there!
Anyhow it is finished; someday I hope to figure out a way to do the other book again. But if you know any hunters, fishermen, outdoorsmen, please tell them it has some of the best gosh darned wild meat recipes that ever came out of the swamps or mountains. And they can only get it at: http://www.lulu.com/content/5863439
It is a great Father’s day gift too. ....
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[User Picture]From: jblaque
2010-11-15 08:33 pm (UTC)

Re: To go with your Journal,

Gloria - this is a terrific idea (and what a labor of love!). I will be ordering one for the holidays!
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[User Picture]From: glory1940
2010-11-15 09:33 pm (UTC)

Re: To go with your Journal,

Wonderful and Thank you!!! Please advise if you all enjoy it.. The feed back was great and it has been given as gifts all over. again Thanks and Blessings!
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[User Picture]From: usaoutbacktv
2009-03-10 06:11 pm (UTC)

USA Outback TV

For more information on USA Outback Outdoor Television, contact Denny Snyder at (317)502-7942 or visit on the web at http://www.usaoutbacktv.com/ .

Posted by Denny Snyder at 4:54 PM 0 comments
Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome to the USA Outback Outdoor Television blog!

I'm the host and producer of the show, Denny Snyder and thank you for taking the time to see what's new with USA Outback. It has been a "brief" four year hiatus of NOT airing USA Outback nationally on the Outdoor Channel, the Sportsman Channel, the Men's Channel and numerous regional and local tv networks but now USA Outback is back exclusively on the Internet !

Starting in mid-February, if you go to XON tv (http://www.xontv.tv/), you can watch the last entire season of USA Outback that aired in 2004. The entire list of online hunting videos and online fishing videos can be found on our own web site at http://www.usaoutbacktv.com/ as well as information about our services offered to viewers as well as potential sponsors and customers.

Be sure to check us out in the Instructional videos section as well. There you will find the Knight & Hale "Call of the Week" with Harold Knight, David Hale and Jim Strelec giving calling tips for deer hunting , turkey hunting, and hunting products reviews. If you are trophy hunting for whitetail deer- maybe questions about rut hunting- we have Code Blue's "Making Sense out of Scents" with Don Bell and myself teaching you the art of "scentology" showing you how knowing scents can help you deer hunting this coming hunting season.

Eventually, we will once again have a recommended outfitters and guides page and if you see a company's logo on our web site, you can rest assured that they produce quality hunting gear and provide excellent services as well.

If you need help choosing a hunting lodge for black bear hunting in Canada or fishing trips to fantastic salmon fishing in Alaska , feel free to email me and I'll give you a personalized hunting report or fishing report and tell you where I've been and who I'd recommend. If we produced a hunting dvd or fishing dvd on their facility or services, then they were top-notch hunting outfitters and fishing guides and worthy of the USA Outback stamp of approval.

Have you ever been elk hunting or trout fishing and videotaped your own hunting trip or fishing trips? Maybe I can help you put it together into your own collectable of hunting Africa to save for posterity- as one of our video services we offer without breaking the bank.

Send me your thoughts on what online hunting videos and online fishing videos YOU would like to watch and we'll try to make it happen!

Best Afield-

Denny :)
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